Saturday, March 22, 2008

Jindal Watch

The story of the youth correctional facility in need of a direct care provider has the happiest possible ending: the position and candidate were approved by Bobby Jindal and Angele Davis, and the candidate is still available.

I think it's important to remember, however, that the job would have been filled in January if not for the beaurocratic nightmare that ensued after it was advertised. Perhaps some taxpayers can feel good about the fact that two months' salary for this provider has been saved thanks to Jindal's vigilant supervision of the state hiring process. I cannot.

Since this case is closed, please feel free to inform me of any similar situations that come to your attention. I'll be more than happy to offer whatever effect the Funk Bump may have in resolving them :)



Rent Party said...

I am told by rumor that it is holding up repair of N.O. levees. Clay has to be brought from the interior of the state and Jindal says the transportation is too expensive. This is complete rumor, I haven't seen it in the news but heard it from someone who watches.

A.F. said...

Oh my goodness. If neo-conservatives such as Jindal were not so big on privatizing everything, I'd think for sure that state workers must be involved in repairing the levees, and that would certainly mean that the hiring freeze is holding up levee repair. I'm sure he thinks that levee repair is too expensive, too. Great lead! Thanks, R.P.!