Thursday, October 23, 2008

Office Hours: 24/7

My online class has turned into my blog this semester. No, I would not say (most of) the things to that (or any) class that I say here. It's simply that all of my formerly "free" time is spent uploading materials, answering questions, moderating discussion boards, and begging for assignments from this one of my four classes.

I will post on Tuesday, November 4, however, and probably more than once.

I miss everyone in my beloved online community and especially thank Charlotte for inquiring about the whereabouts of (what's left of) Funk. Somehow, I don't think that if I vanished from the online class there would be any such inquiry :)

Talk to you soon.


Anonymous said...

Ha! I'm glad to know this about online classes. A friend who is teaching one says it's great, hardly any work, and I actually considered it (was considering it) for this reason. But I know I'd react to it as you do, and vanish into it.

A.F. said...

Maybe it depends on the course. I taught four sections of lit online post-Katrina and found the experience refreshing. Students' interpretations of texts (though they may well have come from god-only-knows what sources) were not shaped by my lecture-ish discussions, and I learned that my on site influence may have been more oppressive than liberating throughout my career up to that point.

This is a course for science and engineering majors that demands attention to tedious detail. Not the best online scenario. Not at all. Ugh.

charlotte said...

Ah, work. The bane of our existence. Glad to know you're ok otherwise. :)

Leigh C. said...

Glad to know you are still out and about as well. The internets are full of folks pushing the furniture around, but, believe me, when you want to come back to it the most, it will all still be here.

Be well!

Jessica said...

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