Thursday, September 25, 2008

Not an Economist II

Now we have socialized the losses of a lion's share of predatory lenders. Sarah Palin refused press coverage of her meetings with prominent leaders. John McCain has declined to debate. Karl Rove, Sarah Palin, and her husband (whatever his name is) have all, with apparent immunity, refused subpoenas. And red is the color most associated with the Republican Party.


Rent Party said...

AARGH. Of course one knew they would, but it is sitll disgusting.

slag said...

Comrade Amorphous Funk: Clearly, you are not appreciating the gravity of the situation. We have no time to think about things before we do them. We just do them. And try to avoid thinking about what we've done later. That's why we want to give away $700 billion dollars with no strings attached. And that's why we nominate Sarah Palin to be our Vice President after meeting her once. Thinking, listening,'s all highly overrated.
-comrade slag

Anonymous said...

Hello, hello, anyone there, there, there????

Hope all is well with ya.

Unknown said...

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