Friday, January 18, 2008

The Horror...

Photo Credit: Adam et Eve, Luna's dreams

It turns out that new studies indicate that the aftermath of abortion is
twice as horrific as we thought. Men, too, are said to suffer from Post
Abortion Syndrome (PAS), which includes depression and flashbacks and turning to
drugs and alcohol to stop the pain associated with the termination of their
partner's pregnancy. And PAS among men is a now a talking point among
anti-choice activists and legislators. Research on PAS would be
interesting and helpful...if it were real.

But, alas, it's based on the same faulty logic and insidious assumptions as
"research" indicating that women who have abortions are more likely to become
child abusers if they do give birth. (The reasoning: obviously, if a
woman would abort a fetus, god-only-knows what she'd do to a child.)

Assuming that abortion is not a traumatic experience for many women and their partners would be dumb. But the trumping up of "scientific" evidence to fortify arguments for anti-choice legislation is very scary.

Find this information and much more in Sarah Blustain's article "Pity the Man" at The Nation.

If you'd like to get (more) good and mad, you might also visit, where you can find the claim that abortion causes breast cancer. The reasoning: rates of breast cancer have risen since Roe v. Wade. [ has the rate of terrorist attacks on U.S. soil! Yikes!]

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