Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Just Stop

Raving Black Lunatic has written a masterful post on HRC's comparison of herself to Rocky Balboa.

I made a decision a while ago to try to ignore these types of blood-pressure-raising remarks from the former First Lady, but...

From AP:
Speaking to the same unions a day earlier, Clinton said as first lady she had forcefully battled the agreement President Clinton labored hard to win.

"I did speak out and oppose NAFTA," she said. "I raised a big yellow flag and said, 'I don't think this will work.'" [I remember, oh yes, of course that big yellow...I was distracted at the time because I was in a bloody battle with, um, poachers off the coast of...]

Teamsters president James P. Hoffa, who is backing Obama, disputed her claim.

"No one who was around in the time of NAFTA remembers her doing that," Hoffa told The Associated Press during a telephone interview. [Ahem, well, you know I do blog a lot and it's late at night and so I might have misspoken about that memory, it proves I'm human and I make mistakes.] "Let's face it, she's tied to NAFTA no matter what she says."

At an economic summit in Pittsburgh organized by her presidential campaign, Clinton said she would eliminate tax breaks for companies that move jobs to other countries and use the savings to persuade them to keep jobs in the U.S. [I'm not sure I understand...]

Clinton's plan would offer new tax benefits for research and job development. It would also create "innovation and research clusters" across the country and provide $500 million annually in investments to encourage the creation of high-wage jobs in clean energy. [I see, taking away the tax cuts but replacing the tax cuts with other 'incentives' that will actually benefit us.]

Clinton called it her "insourcing agenda."

"We hear so much about outsourcing," when jobs are lost to other countries, she said. "I want to put an end to it. We're going to change the tax code, we're going to change the giveaways to the special interests." [Was her insourcing agenda in place when she voted for the trade agreements that outsourced jobs?]

Clinton also broadcast a new TV ad in Pennsylvania explicitly challenging Republican John McCain's economic credentials.

Echoing an earlier ad aimed at Obama on national security, it begins with images of sleeping children while a narrator says a phone is ringing in the White House at 3 a.m. but this time the crisis is economic. As the phone rings on and on, the sleeping children are replaced by adults grimly reviewing bills during daylight hours. The narrator faults McCain's response to rising home foreclosures and teetering markets and says he'd just let the phone keep ringing. The ad ends with an image of Clinton answering a phone.
Now, does anybody really believe that this ad is actually aimed at McCain, whom she's not even running against in Pennsylvania, or could it be a desperate attempt at reinforcing the stereotypes that the first ad introduced into her campaign? Nah.

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