Sunday, April 27, 2008

Recession Diet

(Photo h/t SCAN with in-depth commentary)

From New York Times:
Spending data and interviews around the country show that middle- and working-class consumers are starting to switch from name brands to cheaper alternatives, to eat in instead of dining out and to fly at unusual hours to shave dollars off airfares...In Ohio, Holly Levitsky is replacing the Lucky Charms cereal in her kitchen with Millville Marshmallows and Stars, a less expensive store brand. In New Hampshire, George Goulet is no longer booking hotel rooms at the Hilton, favoring the lower-cost Hampton Inn. And in Michigan, Jennifer Olden is buying Gain laundry detergent instead of the full-price Tide.
Without the New York Times, how would we ever keep up with the real hardships that middle- and working-class Americans are facing?

I am relieved, however, that at least one member of our local community is still able to afford Cheetos(TM) for her toddlers rather than having to resort to an off-brand cheese puff with inferior orange dye, preservatives, and saturated fat:

(Photo h/t SCAN)

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